Prinicpal Investigator
Michael Brent

Graduate Students
Yiming Kang
Cynthia Ma
Jeffery Jung

Rotation Students

Research Staff
Holly Brown

Undergraduate Students
Ryan Friedman
Mike Toomey
Nikhil Patel

Michael Brent, PhD

Principal Investigator

Professor of Computer Science
Joint Appointments in Genetics and BME

The Henry Edwin Sever Professor of Engineering

Email: brent[at]


Maryl Lambros
Post-baccalauriate research assistant, 2014-2016
Now:Ph.D. student in Computational Biology, Albert Einstein
Email: [at]

Drew G. Michael
Ph.D. student (Cell and Molecular Biology), 2010-2015
Now:Clinical Molecular Genetics Fellow, NIH
Email: drew.g.michael[at]

Zeke Maier
Ph.D. student (CS), 2007-2015
Now:Consultant at Booz Allen
Email: ezekiel.j.maier[at]

Hien-Haw Liow
Ph.D. student (Math), 2013-2015
Now:Working at Google
Email: hxliow[at]

Maxwell Wang
Undergraduate Researcher, 2014-2016
Now:Medical student at Tulane University
Email: mdwang03wustl[at]

Grant Negri
Undergraduate Researcher, 2014-2016
Now:Working at Epic
Email: grantnegri[at]

Jeffrey Gerold
Undergraduate Researcher, 2012-2013
Now: Graduate Student, Harvard
Email: jmgerold[at]

Thornquist, Stephen
Undergraduate Researcher, 2012-2013
Now: Graduate Student, Harvard

Amin Bemanian
Undergraduate Researcher, 2011-2013
Now: MD/PhD Student
Email: atashsiah[at]

Brian Haynes
Graduate Student, 2008-2012
Now: Senior Scientist, Assuragen Inc.
Email: brian.c.haynes@gmail.comm

Sarah Spencer
Research Technician, 2008-2011
Now: Graduate Student, MIT
Email: sjspen[at]

Gabriel Stancu
Undergraduate Researcher, 2010-2012
Now: Graduate Student
Email: stancubogdan[at]

Mikhail Velikanov, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 2003-2005
Now: Research scientist, Uppsala University

Marijke Jeltje Van Baren, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 2003-2005
Research Scientist, 2005-2010
Now: Research scientist, Washington University

Randall Brown, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 2002-2004
Research Scientist, 2004-2011
Now: Research Assoc. Professor, Washington University

Aaron Tenney, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2002-2009
Now: Research Scientist, J. Craig Venter Institute

Evan Keibler, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2001-2006
Now: Microsoft Research

Chaochun Wei, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2000-2006
Now: Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University/Shanghai Center for Bioinformation Technology

Paul Flicek, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2000-2004
Now: Functional Genomics Project Leader, Ensembl/EBI

Ian Korf, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 2000
Now: Associate Professor, UC Davis

Xiaopeng Tao, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 2000-2001
Now: Assistant Professor, Fudan University

Jichen Duan, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 2000-2001
Now: Senior Bioinformatics Engineer, Invitrogen

Delphine Dahan, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher, 1996-1998
Now: Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Timothy Cartwright, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 1992-1996
Now: Software Engineer, University of Wisconsin